Pirkei Avot with Rabbi Eli Mansour "Emotion Regulation" with Dr. Tamar Pearlman Psychology Through the Weekly Torah Portion The Story of Ruth with Esther Sassoon Drawing From The Well with Bonnie Morano

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The WELL is a young and energetic organization that brings Sephardic women from Brooklyn, Manhattan & New Jersey together to learn. The setting at the WELL is warm and welcoming. Regardless of your level of religious observance, what Shul you belong to, or what age group you are classified in, the WELL is for you!
Come learn about our rich heritage, acquire new life skills or delve deep into the nuances of our religion. In addition to Judaic studies, Psychology, Museum Tours, Graphic Arts and Language are a few of the courses being offered at the WELL. Peruse the course options, you are sure to find something that quenches your thirst for more knowledge. Bring an old friend or encounter a new one and join us this  Fall @The WELL.